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Blossom 1

Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Apple “Blossom” at Montana Sky

Blossom has the softest coat ever, she is chalk white with a little color on her ears. She has the sweetest temperament and would rather sit with you, than anything else, she is a real cuddle bug. She lives with her guardian in Lakeside, MT​ Blossom is retired and enjoying her family. What a great addition “Bedrock Apple Blossom” is for Montana Sky Labradoodle’s breeding program! Thanks Maggie


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Irish “Jayda” at Montana Sky Labradoodles

Jayda is a beauty. She is a stunning red australian labradoodle and is the daughter of “Tegan park irish jade”. Her coat is an amazing color of red and is a super soft fleece. Jayda is a small medium in size with great boning and looks, and she is the sweetest girl ever.
Jayda lives with her guardian family, in lakeside, mt


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Hale’s California Girl Blaire

Blaire is an absolute Diva!! She loves people and wants to be with them all the time! She thinks the world revolves around her!!! Whatever we are doing, she wants to do it too!!

She is happy, to just be with her family, but don’t mistake her sweet face, for lack of fun and games! She is a total clown. Blaire lives with us at Montana Sky Labradoodles Blaire has one of those “to die for” soft yummy fleece coats. We are so excited to add Hale’s Labradoodles California Girl aka “Blaire” to Montana Sky Labradoodle’s breeding program.


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Montana Sky’s Sadie Mae

Sadie, is another one of Irish Jayda’s puppies, and she is such beautiful girl. Her coat is fantastic, color and softness.

Sadie lives with her guardian in Whitefish, MT. She loves going hiking, cross country skiing or anything her guardian is doing. They are a great pair. We’re are so excited to add Sadie to “Montana Sky’s Girls”


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Montana Sky’s Annabelle

Anna Belle is one of Irish Jayda’s puppies and is one of our up and coming girls with such a precious little face. Her coat is a wavy soft fleece, and beautiful color of red. She lives in Rollins, MT with her guardian family, who just adore her.

Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Montana Sky’s Ginger

Ginger is one of the sweetest girls we have ever had. When she looks at you with those big hazel eyes, it melts your heart. She is such a gentle soul and we love her so much.

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