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We are originally from North Georgia and moved to Montana to work with small churches. Dan graduated from Southwestern Seminary, and has been a pastor for many years.  God has blessed us, with allowing us to do what we enjoy, which is working in the ministry, and breeding these wonderful dogs.

We live in Rollins Montana, one the most beautiful places in the world, along the Flathead Lake area and just outside Glacier National Park.

About five years ago, we met our first Australian Labradoodle and we fell in love the breed. Our love for dogs, has drawn us to a lifelong dream, of breeding these wonderful puppies with great temperaments. We are a small home-based breeder and our dogs do not live in kennels.

Our dogs are part of our family, they live, breed and deliver their puppies in our home. We love our doodles, and we look forward to sharing one of our wonderful puppies with you.

We would love to work with you, in selecting just the right Australian Labradoodle for your family!

​Our Commitment To You:

All of our breeding dogs live in a loving forever home, not a kennel. Most of our breeding dogs live in Guardian Homes where they receive individualized love and attention during their breeding careers. When the dog is retired from breeding the dog remains in it’s Guardian Home and ownership is turned over to the Guardians at time of spay or neuter.  All of our breeding dogs will be of good health and temperament.

All of our breeding dogs and puppies receive high quality food, water, and routine medical care and are housed in a clean and loving environment indoors.

All of our breeding dogs will be health tested according to the recommendations and guidelines of the ALAA Silver and/or Gold Paw standards.

Both parents will have a minimum of:

  • ​Hip Clearance by Penn Hip, OFA, or Dr. Wallace OFA Elbow Clearance
  • Eye exam by an Opthomologist certified by CERF
  • PRA testing or cleared via parentage vWD
  • Exercise Induced Collapse
  • Improper Coat
  • Degenerative Myelopathy

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home with loving care. We take the time with each puppy from day 3-16 after birth to expose them to early neurological stimulation through using the Bio Sensor Method. This has been found to enhance the puppy’s trainability and it’s ability to bounce back from negative stressors.

Our puppies are living among the usual hustle and bustle of a busy family home. They are given undivided love and attention by our whole family. When age and weather appropriate we introduce them to an outside area where they get to explore and become accustomed to noises and smells of the outside world.

We love to talk about our Australian Labradoodles!

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